We can say that the fight against the struggles of being part of LGBT community is somehow being battled out nowadays. LGBT people are now more out in the open claiming their rights and other people are becoming more aware about it.

To help LGBT community reach out from one another, different online sites were built. Here are some of the best LGBT websites which announce events and news about the community:


PinkNews is a UK based website with about 56 posts per week. It talks about business, news, entertainment, trans, opinions, travel, and life of LGBT.

The Daily Grind

The Daily Grind is a US-based news magazine reporting trend news about the LGBTQ community.


LGBTQbuzz is a community and causes page giving LGBTQ people a chance to be themselves, rant out their thoughts, and listen to advice. It is also releasing fresh news, entertainment, and events about the community.

Google News| LGBT

Google News has a page for LGBT which reports comprehensive news for the community.


Many LGBT people love sports and Outsports is exactly the website which caters them. It is the world’s leading gay-sport publication which talks about gay sports organizations and events.

Gay Star News

Gay Star News focuses on LGBT current affairs, entertainment, and business. It also has features for love, travel, opinion, and even for LGBT students.

Attitude Magazine

Founded in year 1994, Attitude Magazine is the best-selling gay magazine in the UK. It has its own website which features fashion influences by LGBT prominent people, brand-loyal gay men, breaking news, and entertainment.

LGBT Weekly

LGBT Weekly provides in-depth analysis and content about lives as a gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender. The website aims to inform and entertain specifically San Diego LGBT community.


HuffPost is a website which features the life of LGBT through features, blogs, and some videos.