Introducing sex toys to the relationship adds diversity, improves communication and enhances your “we” time while revitalizing the trust you have in each other. 50% of the population has tried them and many couples are using them on a regular basis.

Today, the vast majority of gay couples are open to try something new and experiment with sex toys to spice things up and make sex more pleasurable.

There are so many types of sex toys that you may use and choose to match your sexual needs. But here are the best ones;

Super Dong Dildo

This super dong dildo is one huge dildo which is 10 inch long. The flexible shaft allows for tactics and targeting depth while the large head and thick shaft will keep size queens gorged and anal enthusiasts excited.

Inflatable Penis Vibrator

This vibrator is a premium sex toy that inflates to twice its standard girth for the intense sensation of complete fullness. Once activated, the vibrator provides a potently intense but quiet vibration, easily dominated by you or your lover through the remote multi-speed dial.

Double Dildo

This 19 inches dildo is carefully and creatively crafted with ultra-veiny texture and two bulbous that can be explored and enjoyed on your own or with a partner to bring your anal ecstasy to a higher level. It feels super realistic, bent it all you want or choose any angle to suit different sex positions with a partner.

Anal Plug

Made like human tissue, many gay couples choose this sex toy because it’s soft and pliable with a skin-like finish. It is designed so that it remains securely in place to stimulate your prostate. Butt plugs due to the realistic material require cleaning with warm water, mild soap or an antibacterial sex toy cleaner before and after use. Some anal plugs come with speed setting and suction cup.