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Why are people gay? Myths and theories on why people are gay.

Here’s what we are sure about: sexual orientation is a natural part of who you are. It’s not a choice. About 2 to 11 percent of adults have reported experiencing some homosexual feelings. You shouldn’t feel guilty when you visit Porntrex. It exists across different cultures and even in the animal kingdom. It has been observed in penguins, black swans, and other animals too.

Certain populations of female Japanese monkeys will sometimes pick other females for sexual partners despite the presence of ready and willing male sexual mates. There have been several attempts to determine whether people are born this way and try to fill in the missing explanation for homosexuality.


One scientific theory has tried to explain why people are gay. A group of scientists suggested that people get the trait from their opposite-sex parents. Meaning that a lesbian will get the trait from her father, whereas a homosexual will get it from their mother. The hereditary link here is due to epi-marks. Epi-marks are layers of information that control the expression of certain genes. They are usually but not always, erased between generations.

William Rice an evolutionary biologist from the University of California Santa Barbra, explained that in homosexuals, these layers of information are not erased. Instead, they are passed from father-to-daughter or mother-to-son. To protect parents from overexposure to testosterone, or underexposure to the same, epi-marks are carried over to the next offspring. This leads to masculinization of females and feminization of males that makes them become gay. Gay and lesbian porn should therefore not be deemed as weird, since it serves this audience too.


There’s also the myth that tolerance for gay individuals encourages people to become gay. This is the misinformation that has led to the backing of anti-gay legislation in countries such as Uganda and Russia. If you log in to porntrex, then you’d better be watching anything else rather than gay porn in such regions. Due to homophobia they’ll even alienate you. They think that a tolerant society plays a role in encouraging homosexuality to flourish. But as psychologist Ritch Savin-Williams writes, homosexual orientation does not increase with social tolerance though it’s expression may do so.

Turning a Person Gay

People also believe in the myth that you can ‘turn’ a person gay. That exposing a boy to toys that are traditionally made for girls, such as dolls will turn them to be gay. This is not true. People become aware of who they are attracted to at a very young age and there is nothing one can do to change someone. However, continuous consumption of gay and lesbian porn may induce some curiosity. It is also not all uncommon for someone’s desires and attractions to change throughout their lives.

Despite these attempts, most people have swept homosexuality under the rug and chose to remain ignorant about it. They are stuck to this traditional idea that it’s unnatural. They forget that people will still watch lesbian porn in the comfort of their homes and there’s nothing they can do about it.


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There’s always some limitation to what science has to tell us.  Human sexuality is quite complicated and the attempts to try and explain sexual orientation is full of mixed and replicated findings. Studies on identical twins show that while genes do ‘contribute’ to sexuality, there is no genetic determination. Though identical twins share 100% of their genes, gay/gay twins are not really that common compared to gay/straight twins.  The only thing scientists agree on is that sexual orientation is ubiquitous, and one can’t do away with it. It’s perfectly natural.